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Terms and conditions

  1. The confirmation page/ electronic ticket is personal and untransferable. Any unjust use of the same is of the total responsibility of the client.
  2. The duplication or resale of the confirmation page/ electronic ticket obstructs the free Access to the venue. TICKETLINE is exempt of any responsibility.
  3. The client must always confirm and maintain the data of the confirmation page/ electronic ticket.
  4. The confirmation page/ electronic ticket is valid by means of the presentation of an ID.
  5. All purchases are subject to an additional 6% plus VAT of booking fee per transaction.
  6. There are no refunds on tickets purchased online, except if the event is cancelled and/or altered in any way. This is the promoter's responsibility, and in no way a responsibility of the ticket seller.
  7. The promoter is not obligated to refund tickets on outdoor events that are cancelled and/or altered due to bad weather conditions.
  8. In the case of the event being cancelled or postponed, TICKETLINE will not refund the transaction operating cost.
  9. It´s mandatory to present the discount certificate at the venue.
  10. Unless otherwise indicated, smoking is not permitted in the venue; animals are not allowed in the venue; cameras and/or video cameras, tape recorders, or dangerous objects are not allowed in the venue.
  11. By purchasing this ticket, you accept all terms and conditions described above.