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Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon - Híbridos


Vincent Moon has long since abandoned the take away concert platform Blogothèque that brought him so much fame and success. He declared himself to be a nomad when he realised the world was much bigger than the one that he saw from Paris, feeling the need to experience it intensely, so that he could later document it and share it with others. He set off in search of the small planets of our own planet, immersing himself in myriad cultures that gave him the subject-matter he needed for new narratives. Some years ago, with Priscilla Telmon, he decided to live in Brazil and film the rituals that feed the blood of this gigantic country. Hybrids: The Spirits of Brazil, as a film, is the result of their complicit gaze. In a concert format, he literally comes out of the screen to embrace our bodies and challenge our awareness, in a perfect real-time ritual of celebration between cinema and music, which we rarely find to be so complete and unified.