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Tânia Carvalho - Onironauta


With a career that already spans over two decades, Tânia Carvalho is an internationally recognised artist. Being both a choreographer and a dancer, her desire for self-expression is not limited to just one language. She frequently engages in musical composition and has made notable incursions into more distant territories of choreography, such as drawing and cinema. In this way, Tânia Carvalho constructs her mysterious cosmogony in a set of codes that transcend the very art of dance itself. Her creations wander through the shadows, bringing painting, expressionism and the memory of cinema to life.
Oneironaut (from the Greek óneiros, meaning dream, + náutés, meaning navigator) directs our attention to the world of dreams and the invisible. Travelling through dreams may be a way of creating a work of art, but it is also a way of understanding it. Even if our eyes, by being entertained, do not realise this, our spirit is the most attentive spectator.