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Richie Campbell


Richie Campbell, is presented for the first time at Multiusos de Guimarães on December 14th. After starting the year with a full concert at Altice Arena, the artist will present his mixtape "Lisboa" at a concert in his own name in the north of the country.
"Lisbon", co-produced with Lhast, has solidified as the artist's most successful project, proven by platinum singles with "Do You No Wrong" and Gold with "Heaven", "Water" ft Slow J and, most recently, "Slowly."
The artist, known as the first Internet music phenomenon in Portugal to succeed on a national and international scale, leader of the new generation of Portuguese artists, begins 2018 with the confirmation of a renewed aesthetic. In a new phase that shows a clear return to R & B and Dancehall, the artist pays tribute to modern Lisbon, from its architecture, its sonorities and its lifestyle.
"Focused" albums in 2012 and "In The 876" 2015, led Richie Campbell to perform in countries such as France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and Jamaica and Barbados on tour, along with his band The 911 Band.
2016 marks the year of change for Richie Campbell, with "Do You No Wrong", a notorious return to R & B, produced by the Portuguese Lhast. The single reached the platinum award and the nomination for a Golden Globe in the Music of the Year category, and has already exceeded 13 million views on YouTube.
It followed "Heaven", gold single co-produced by the artist, "Midnight in Lisbon", "Water" with Slow J, and "Slowly".
All the video clips were filmed in Lisbon, the city that saw him grow as an artist and to whom he pays tribute by awarding him the title of his most recent mixtape, all composed and recorded in Lisbon with Lhast - one of the most successful Portuguese producers.
PLUTONIO will be responsible for the opening of the concert on December 14 at Multiusos de Guimarães. The rapper is finishing his next album, having recently released the hits "3: AM", "I Need a Time" and "Caffeine", produced by DJ Dadda, the latest artist to launch through the label Bridgetown and that will make the warm-up of the Guimarães concert.