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Lisbon Under Stars - Espetáculo Imersivo


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LISBON UNDER STARS - Immersive Spectacle - by OCUBO
3 May to 30 June | Ruins of Carmo

Artistic Direction
Nuno Maya

Catarina Furtado

Special Participation
Rão Kyao
Teresa Salgueiro
Symphonic Orchestra of GNR
Symphonic Chorus Lisboa Cantat
Tocá Rufar + Paulo Marinho

Clara Andermatt

Urban Art
Add Fuel
Daniel Eime
The Super Van by Vanessa Teodoro
Alexandre Farto aka Vhils

Amália Rodrigues
Fernando Lopes Graça
Luís Freitas Branco
Salvador Sobral
Zeca Afonso

LISBON UNDER STARS is an immersive and unique spectacle in Lisbon. A multidisciplinary experience that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects, to the sound of great Portuguese music. Proven to be the ideal stage for LISBON UNDER STARS, Carmo’s Ruins provide a new way of experiencing the history of more than 600 years of the city and Portugal.
It is Carmo's own walls, transformed into a three-dimensional screen, that tell us this time travel,
emphasized with portuguese music notes and also with the special participation of several national renowned music, culture and dance artists who will, with their melodies and performances, be part of this virtual experience.
The public, at the centre of the event, can move freely through space, see and appreciate different
perspectives of this immersive travel and get involved in this remarkable audiovisual and sensorial experience, which always have up in the sky the stars.
There under the stars, 629 years ago, Carmo Church was born. Resistant to time and testimony of an
immense history, that turned it into one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lisbon. Today, under the same
stars, its powerful story full of adventures is revealed.
Come and travel back in time, right in the heart of Lisbon!