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Irish Celtic


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Irish Celtic is a Pub in Cork, Ireland. Its history dates back to the beginning of time, and within it are legends and objects that testify to the history of the Emerald Isle, from the time of the Druids to the migration of the nineteenth century. Managed by Paddy Flyn too many generations, it's time for Diarmuid, his son, to take over management. Between glasses of beer and whiskey and to the sound of violins, bagpipes, accordions and the traditional Celtic flutes (Tin Whistle), Paddy tells you the secrets of the Celtic people of Ireland. With choreography by Denise Flynn and Jim Murrihy, former dancers of Lord of the Dance, IRISH CELTIC recreates episodes of this ancient culture but still alive.
So accept the invitation, visit Irish Celtic and meet Paddy and Diarmuid. Stay for a drink, enjoy while you discover the traditions and legends of Ireland through their dances and songs so famous all over the world. Sláinte!
"Irish Celtic is proof of the vitality of Celtic culture", Télé 7 Jours
"With Irish Celtic the Irish dance is far from forgotten", Aujourd'hui en France