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Clássicos Na Avenida - Orquestra Clássica Do Sul


Performed by the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, the Clássicos na Avenida series is a partnership between the Tivoli Theater BBVA and the Loulé City Hall, which aims to present the concerts in two concert halls of different districts: Cineteatro Louletano (Loulé) and Teatro Tivoli BBVA (Lisbon). 
With a quality artistic program, marked by the diversity of works, composers and invited soloists, Clássicos na Avenida proposes different approaches in each concert, privileging the contemporary production of composers with whom it has worked regularly. 
The New Year's Concert, on January 3, opens the cycle and features works by Mozart, Elgar, Dvorak, Schubert, Rossini and Strauss II, with Robin O'Neill, a British conductor, as a special guest. 
On May 28, Rui Pinheiro will be the conductor directing the OCS in Soldado, Mozart and Haydn. Peter Jablonski, pianist, is the guest soloist. 
In the last concert of the year, on 15 November, the works are from Soeiro, Saint-Saëns and Schubert. The direction is of Rui Pinheiro and Irene Lima, cellist, is the invited soloist. 
From the classic repertoire to the contemporary approach, the Orquesta Clássica do Sul's proposals cover several centuries of music, through different composers and their emblematic works.