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Dave Clarke


What's good is never too much! And Dave Clarke is too good not to repeat. After a Sold Out in the 2017 season, the Baron of Techno returns to Tapada da Ajuda. But we will not stop here and we will bring another DJ that every Bruncher will remember, this time from the 2016 season, Vitalic! One of the most recognized names in electronic music, returns to Brunch Electronik In- The Park Lisboa, now to our Lagoa Branca. All this and more, August 26th!

The season pass gives you access to all the Brunch-In The Park dates from the Opening Party on July 29 until the closing on September 16.

* Come with the ticket and your ID to the ticket office and we will give you your pass that will allow you access to all the events of the season.
** Minimum age of admission 3 years old.

Tickets from 11€

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Alinhamento Brunch Electronik In The Park Lisboa #5:

Dave Clarke
Vitalic Live
Fairmount Live
ViL & Temudo


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