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Oja & Silje Nergaard & Rick Margitza


25Th May - Friday
In the second edition of this Festival, the Algarve Jazz Orchestra has the honour of inviting two of the biggest names in World Jazz, Singer Silje Nergaard, with 15 albums recorded in a career of more than 20 years, being the most successful in Jazz Artist Norway with numerous awards including Grammy nominations.
The second name of the evening is the American Saxophonist , born into a family of musicians, he has is name printed in Miles Davis’ albums, needless to say more.


The Algarve Jazz Moments Gourmet Festival is an innovative event that combines the best of jazz to the excellence of the Algarve cuisine with the desire to create a unique experience of sounds and tastes.
They are three days of the best music, in a stage where some of the greatest icons of world jazz will pass, together with the possibility of living a gourmet gastronomic experience in the several restaurants of Lagos, partners in this event.
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Music, cuisine and wines of excellence in a perfect symbiosis.