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Aberto Para Obras Building Stories


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Visits to the exhibition and to the city
A city is an open-air shipyard, it is never ready. Lisbon is no exception and, to the preservation and charm of the past, the incessant task of building is superimposed. Construction sites are places that hide a myriad of technical stories, decisions and contingencies that often explain why buildings have the shapes we know of. The shipyards are also a place of work, a factory to build city with precise choreography and ceremonies, order and sequence between the various operations, until the celebration of key moments. Although the forms and results of what the entire building will be perceived to be, a work is a transitory place, a very different space from what it will be when the building is completed and finally inhabited.
From the exhibition Stories Built, where the smell of fresh cement is felt in the South Garage, this program of visits to the city exhibition offers a cross look between the architects' speech and the physical experience of works under construction in the city.


Fundação Centro Cultural Belém