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John Luther Adams
Sound ecology
Close all tabs. Focus. Stop whatever else you are doing. What do you hear? People chattering, cars, birds, wind or rain perhaps?
So absorbed in our own thoughts, we forget we are not the only ones here. Mankind co-inhabits its home with millions of other living realities and utopias, be it humans, animals or plants, sentient and non-sentient beings. Water, air, pebbles, micro-organisms. Entire ecosystems and changing structures envelop us in ways we can’t perceive. Tides, winds and light move around us right now. Remember that we are not protagonists to anyone but ourselves.
Sometimes you just have to leave your own viewpoint to feel it all. That’s what Pulitzer Prize-winner John Luther Adams attempts to generate: a path to escape ourselves into a world of sound. A place where you can go to just listen.
Adams sonically captures entire oceans, the rising and setting of a scorching sun. Listen to his music long enough, deeply enough, and you’ll let go of the sense of reality. Yours, at least.
Adams hopes that as we lose ourselves in (t)his soundworld, we might glimpse at some answers too. An environmental thinker and radical activist, John Luther Adams pushes for a renewed relationship with our ecosystem. “If my music can inspire people to listen more deeply to this miraculous world we inhabit, then I will have done what I can as a composer to help us navigate this perilous era of our own creation.”
Escapesoundscape is an entirely immersive experience, designed especially for Lux Frágil. It’s music, but also meditation. It’s music, but also action. It is slow-moving, slow-evolving and slow-paced sound ecology, and you are free to listen to your part in it.