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A Boca Do Lobo


a Boca do Lobo is about utopia. It’s a venture into exciting, uncharted and challenging territories. It exists because classical music can’t be alive if not driven by discovery, and it can’t be real unless it offers a place for everyone.
Where else could a Boca do Lobo have found a home if not in LuxFrágil, a place born from unlimited curiosity and the will to make art radically accessible to all? All’s been heard under this roof: Prince, Stockhausen, Nicolas Jaar, Carminho. Nowhere else have so many forms of expression been so welcome, so free, so unrestrained.
However, bringing classical music to LuxFrágil isn’t just a matter of placing an orchestra on the dance floor. It’s about recontextualizing canonical works into contemporaneity. It’s about breathing new meanings into music and using it as a path to think and feel beyond the ordinary. It is an act of empowerment of the senses, the repertoire, the individual and the community. 
If anything, a Boca do Lobo attests that every art can be a forum for the improvement of human experience, and that no questions should be left unasked.
Curated by Martim Sousa Tavares, a Boca do Lobo is a cycle of six unique events running from January through June 2020. Their unrepeatable nature is a reminder that these are not mere concerts but experiences where time and place are irreplaceable.
Questions will arise, ideas will flow and the conversation must go on. Concerts will be followed through with a podcast: a platform for dialogue, memory and interpretation of what this is all about.